L’Atelier (From 2 to 4)


The Atelier welcomes children between 2 and 4 years old, initiate them into Montessori pedagogy and is bilingual French–English by immersion. The children take part in individual or group activities within specially designed classrooms, organised by projects and pupil's interests. The classroom layout enables pupils to move freely and purposefully, guided by their interests. The walks in the forest that are regularly organised give pupils the opportunity to discover the natural world. They also have access to a very well-equipped gymnastics hall and to our play area just in front of the school.

We are caring for pupils « à la carte » from Monday to Friday between 8am to 12pm with a minimum attendance twice a week. (Enrolment and an increase in attendance can be done during the year, according to the availabilities)


  • Any parent wishing to enroll their child at the ISN must take an appointment with the Director and complete the enrolment form.
  • Children from age 2, parents can register their child for 2 or more mornings between 8am and 12pm. (1 morning only under conditions)

Enrolment form Atelier

Timetable and Holidays

The Atelier’s pupils can attend school “à la carte”/flexitime from Monday to Friday between 8am to 12pm.

Annual planning 2023-2024 - Atelier

Annual planning 2024-2025 - Atelier


The child learns to take care of himself and to respect his environment by practicing gestures of daily life; develop autonomy regarding cleanliness, washing hands, watering plants, etc. These exercises allow him to evole while becoming more and more autonomous, responsible and respectful of those around him.


Group activities are also offered to children to familiarize them to work with others. During these moments, the children will have the opportunity to exchange with the adults as well as with the other kids on the various topics that will be brought up during the school year.
In a playful way, the child is introduced to Montessori pedagogy in a well set-up environment. The educator offers children specific activities evolving over time and respecting the development and rhythm of each one.


Children learn English by playing and enjoy an introduction to music and singing. They are also taught to develop their gross and fine motor skills. Creative manual activities and outings complement the various activities offered by the Atelier. A varied and constructive set to which are added the foundations of the Montessori method such as the development of self-confidence, respect for others and autonomy.

Fees and information

Fees are paid monthly, quarterly or yearly.

The Atelier's fees are assimilated to child-minding expenses within the definition of the authorities.

"L'Atelier"'s fees and information

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